Ginger Studios


Ginger Studios carries on the legacy of Jacqui's previous studio, Ginger Whisk.

Jacqui's experience as both a photographer and studio owner, means that she understands the needs of food stylists, prop stylists, photographers and their clients.

Her goal continues to be to provide clients with the support they need to create their perfect shoot. Whether it's through giving them access to her fantastic inventory of props and surfaces, providing them with a well-equipped studio and fantastic kitchen, or offering to make them a G&T at the end of a long day - her drive to create the perfect picture is unwavering.

Ginger Studios is proud to support City Harvest, by donating leftover food from our shoots. City Harvest makes sure that our surplus food is distributed to feed vulnerable Londoners facing food poverty. Everyone has an absolute right to food, rescuing surplus food also reduces greenhouse gases from unnecessary landfill, and strengthens communities in need. This fantastic organisation delivers free food to over 300 charities groups. City Harvest joins the dots matching waste with want, in a sustainable way. Head to their website to see what you too can do to help !