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The Art of Fermentation: Spring into Summer ferments!

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The Art of Fermentation: Spring into Summer ferments!

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Hands-on interactive workshop with plant-based lunch included

£85 pp

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We’ll take you through the basics of how to create ferments that are not only delicious but great for maintaining your gut health.

In this 4-hour fermentation workshop, you’ll learn all the basics to create super healthy, fermented fruit and vegetables in your kitchen. We will make Spring Kimchi, Fruit Kimchi, Fermented nut spread, Kefir, Vinegars and Vinaigrette - a selection of which you will take home for later.

Along with dry salt and brining fermentation skills, you’ll learn the benefits of fermented foods for gut health; how to make good use of seasonal gluts; and lots of ideas to ferment all the odds and ends in your fridge.

Create zingy, uplifting flavours with fruit and vegetables from the local market, your back garden or end-of the-week-veg. Think carrot and ginger kraut. Lacto-fermented blueberries and fruit kimchi. Fermented nut spreads, tangy BBQ sauce and miso fermented pickles.

This is a super-healthy seasonal food, promoting friendly, happy bacteria in your gut. It’s not fussy - just simple, easy and delicious. This class is plant-based and gluten-free.

New to fermentation? Our classes are a good starting point for beginners, as well as people with a bit of knowledge, too.

Fermentation is alchemy. It's about taking simple ingredients, adding salt, taking what’s in the air, taking time and watching them transform.

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